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    Address:  660 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, FL  

    Description:  Interior Renovation

    Phase:  Renovation Complete 

    Interior Designer:  Atmosphere Creations

    Architec of Hotel:  Shulman + Associates

    Co-Architec of Hotel:  Ralph Choeff and Associates

    Photography:  The Angler's Hotel

    The Angler's Hotel was built in the 1930's by Architect Henry Maloney and is located in the historic Art Deco District. We were retained by an interior design firm to detail the design of the charming new restaurant and lobby space.

    We prepared detailed construction drawings of millwork, restrooms, and custom furniture with the vision of Charlotte Dunagan, principal of Atmosphere Creations. The seating layout and planning of exterior furniture layout were also provided in order to meet accessibility and zoning code requirements.

    Dark wood floors and paneling create the backdrop for printed wall coverings and geometric fabric patterns. Bookshelves at 45 degree angles will be filled with donations from the residents' personal archives.

    When the ownership of the restaurant changed to 660 Mediterranean Kitchen we were on board once again for the design of the sidewalk café.

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