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    Address:  Coconut Grove, FL

    Description:  Renovation

    Phase:  Renovation Complete 

    General Contractors:  Moriarty Construction

    Photography:  Rodrigo Londono

    Situated in Coconut Grove, FL the Gorson Rooftop has spectacular water views at 270 degree radiuses. The owners wanted to activate a rarely used rooftop and make it more inviting and functional. They also wanted to take advantage of the bay view which was blocked by the existing trellis.

    Two new cypress trellises open up the view to the water while providing separate functions to the roof deck. The raised deck is used for sunning while the other trellis defines a formal dining area. The playful round Orbit bed and wood swing allow their children and grandchildren a roof top playground and fun year round.

    Merging the new furniture pieces with the old provides a richness and warmth to the space. The existing stone table base and dining chairs were given a new look. A custom made mosaic table top blends with the Bisazza tile wall bringing out the color of the surrounding waterscape. The patterns also recall the iron work on the existing chairs. Landscape design in the form of an "ivy' wall and beautiful potted flowers add subtle bursts of color to the once drab rooftop. Bella and Roxy, the Gorsons' new addition to the family enjoy the new renovation most. Renovation completed in January 2011.

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