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    Address:  Miami, FL

    Description:  Interior/Exterior Renovation

    Phase:  Renovation Complete 

    General Contractors:  JSL Contractors

    Photography:  Inhouse

    In March of 2010, a young couple purchased their first home. This charming house built in 1936 is a Miami Beach classic. The owners were on a tight budget but were firm about wanting to keep the integrity of the original house at the time it was constructed.

    Restoring the house back to its original design and preserving the historical elements while integrating their own style was of key importance.

    The owners were involved in every aspect of the design process from beginning to end.

    After removing the drywall at the kitchen and master bedroom ceilings we discovered the original roof rafters. To give added height and character to the spaces we exposed these joist while still maintaining adequate insulation to combat the Miami heat.

    The original wood floors were stripped and sanded to give an elegant rough white finish. Small puck lights highlight the existing staircase adding a modern detail to the winding stair.

    Renovation completed was completed in November 2010.

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