• Name

    Address:  400 South Pointe Drive, Miami Beach, FL 

    Description:  Interior/Exterior Commercial Renovation

    Phase:  Renovation Complete 

    Owner:  DG South Pointe Shops

    Painter:  Del Zoppo Painting

    Photography:  Catapult 13

    The Portofino Tower on South Pointe has long been a landmark to residents old and new in Miami Beach. The Shops at Portofino, situated at its base hold commercial and office spaces that are frequented by many of the residents along with visitors to South Pointe Park. In 2013 the owners of the building were looking to fill a few of their vacant office spaces and bring the existing building up to the cutting edge architecture of the future development projects.

    The Owners were also looking for an elegant, economical solution to modernize the colorful Mediterranean inspired façade to something fresh and worthy of its South of Fifth address.

    Working closely with the City of Miami Beach Design Review Board we suggested a new paint palette to replace the multicolored façade. An elegant beige at the base would keep the 'residential village' feeling while the pure white at the upper level was to compliment the iconic orange Portofino tower rather than compete with it. The previous royal blue awnings were fading with the powerful Miami sun and were updated to a more sophisticated charcoal grey.

    The interior lobby space was painted a stark white and the existing gold mirrors were changed to a platinum silver keeping in line with the modern theme. The hexagonal upper lobby space was given a playful interior paint job in the way of varying striped bands. Shades of blue and grey stripes surround the cupola space and a new multicolored band of mosaics around the mezzanine compliment the blue sky peeking through the existing high windows.

    Thanks to the renovation, the office spaces are now filled to capacity and the commercial shops are thriving. The building sits proudly on First Street and is eager to welcome its future neighbors – The Glass Condo, Marea and One Ocean.

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